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I am looking for suggestions as to why the pressure from the hot water (all faucets and showers) is low.  The pressure from the cold water is fine and when I mix the hot and cold the pressure is okay.  Before I call in a professional I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Hello Jewel,
What you probably have are anti-scalding faucets. They mix hot and cold internally so the user doesn't  get burned by excessive temp. when toilets or other faucets are used at the same time.   Better Tub and shower faucets have been designed this way for years. Other faucets have limiters built into them that only allow them to be open as far as the preset stop is set. Lastly, hot water has sometimes  reduced pressure because the  water has to go through the heater first and there is more resistance. Further, efforts to conserve water have  made manufacturers install restrictors that reduce flow, cold water will always have slightly more pressure and sometimes overtake the hot water flow.
Single handle faucets are more likely to be the types listed above that two handled faucets.


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