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QUESTION: My shower has separate hot and cold knobs.

When taking a shower if you barely crack the cold water on
the shower becomes way too cold. So we are stuck either taking very hot or very cold showers.

We have lived in the house 20 yrs and this is a new problem.

Any thoughts on what could be going on  ?

ANSWER: Hey, this is a no brainer...if you cannot regulate the water flow then I think you would need to remove the stem from the body and find out why....most likely the washer is gone but it is amazing that it would not leak when you shut it to the off position. Outside chance that the water heater dip tube is bad but if you have hot water long enough to take a shower that is not likely??? when a water heater dip tube goes bad it effectively makes the water heater tank ineffective and you only get a few gallons of hot water before getting cold water out of the hot water pipes. The water heater dip tube is on the cold/inlet of the water heater and it conveys the cold water into the bottom area of the tank down through the already heated water in the storage tank. Sometimes it breaks off (just a plastic tube) or splits and allows cold water entering the tank to short cut directly into the heated water and into the hot water supply pipe.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the information.

I considered the dip tube , even to the point of attempting to remove it to inspect it. However the fitting to remove it was almost like it has fused together. I mean I'm a good sized man and I was putting a lot into it and felt as though it break if I went any further so I stopped.

So I could have a dip tube issue no doubt.

But the thing is if you take a shower with only the hot on its fine, if you barely add any cold it gets way to cold.

Any thoughts ?

Again thank you for your time, you guys are awesome !!

I only mentioned the dip tube because you do not say how much hot water you receive...??? If you are not having trouble with the hot water anywhere and there seems to be plenty at the kitchen (for example) then it is not a dip tube. Take the valve stems out and see what is causing your have to understand a little about volume and pressure....if you open the cold to temper the hot does the volume increase noticeably?

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