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My shower has separate hot and cold knobs.

When taking a shower if you barely crack the cold water on
the shower becomes way too cold. So we are stuck either taking very hot or very cold showers.

I recently replaced the valve you use to turn the water on and off due to they were leaking. Could I have done something wrong  ?

Any thoughts on what could be going on  ?

Frank, there is probably an issue with the valves or the faucet body itself. I would turn off the water, remove the faucet stems and turn the water back on. Place a pan or bucket over the faucet openings and see what kind of pressure you have from the hot and cold. There is a chance the faucet washers may have swelled and are restricting flow. If the pressure is the same, Change the washers or cartridges. Use the flat type not the cone shaped ones. If the pressure is drastically different, check the water heater and make sure the cold supply valve is all the way open. If the pressure problem is only at the tub, check the shut off valves as well.  

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