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on off valve  
I have a mobile home that has flex pipes under the sinks. Lately all the hot water lines have been popping them selves off. What I mean is you have to pull to shut the pipe off and they have been popping themselves off. Now one of them won't stay on. When I push to turn it back on it doesn't stay. Like whatever is inside it is broke and doesn't hold it to stay on. I have read that these set ups you have to replace the whole pipeline. Is this true? It does come out of the floor pretty high so can I cut it off and add something else? Honestly everything in this mobile home seems unupgradable. I tried replacing a light switch and found out that there isn't even an electrical box. But that's another story.Mobile homes suck.

Lynanne, I could not agree more...
What it looks like you have is pex tubing in your mobile home. The valves have gotten weak and worn and I would recommend you replace them with a better more conventional valve. If you have the skills you can replace them yourself but it can be tricky. It is entirely possible to just cut these off and replace the valve but each installation is different. Once you replace the valve you may have to replace the supply tube too. I would get a QUALIFIED plumber over and get his opinion. Be forewarned, most plumbers hate mobile homes and getting one to work on one can be difficult.

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