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When I start the dishwasher as it's is filling the the water pipe in the kitchen closet starts to vibrate and makes a grinding noise almost like the garbage disposal noise?

The problem you are experiencing is most likely the shut off valve that allows water into the dishwasher or solenoid valve  on the dishwasher itself. The hot water line shut off will cause a chatter and vibration if the washer inside the valve is loose. Test this by slowly closing the valve while the dishwasher is filling. If a change is noticed before the valve is completely off it's probably a loose washer. If it is still noisy, the solenoid valve may be the culprit. An appliance repairman can change out the solenoid or at least determine if that's the problem. My money is on the shut off valve. Sometimes just making sure the shut off is fully open will stop the noise.


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