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QUESTION: Hi, lately I'm having problems with my bathtub. The drain seems to be unclogged, but I already tried with a plunger and still water doesn't run. I don't want to pay to a plumber since it seems to be an easy task. What can I do?

Tub waste and overflow
Tub waste and overflow  
ANSWER: Hello Jessica,
It could be a simple problem but it might not. I will attach a picture to this answer to better illustrate what I am talking about.  The most common area of a bathtub clog is at the stopper portion inside the waste and overflow pipe. This is not something you can see. The thing to try is to remove the 2 screws that are holding the plate with a lever that controls the stopper. There is a couple of link rods attached at the end of the stopper lever that are connected to a cylindrical stopper that slides up and down inside the pipe. If you can gently work the entire assembly with the plate, stopper lever and links up and out of the hole, you might find a large wad of hair stuck around the stopper cylinder.  Is through this now opened hole that a bathtub's drain is actually snaked.. You cannot snake a bathtub through the drain hole at the bottom of the bathtub. When you see the picture you will understand.

If clearing off the stopper does not solve the problem for you, it might be time to give that plumber a call and have the tub's drain line snaked to clear it.

Good Luck,

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QUESTION: Thanks for your explanation that helped me a lot to understand the way it works. Do you know where can I find a good plumber? I live in San Francisco. And do you know how much approx. would that cost?
Thanks again!

Hello Jessica,
San Francisco is pretty much a union town and plumber rates can be expensive. Although I was born in that area (San Jose) I haven't been there in many years so I don't know any plumbers up there. I would look on the local review sites like yelp and ask any friends that you may have in the area if they know of one. It's a pretty localized thing. I have no idea what the local plumbers rates are.

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