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Me and my family were just sitting there when the water pump in the basement started making this's hard to explain but almost sounded like a fridge motor or a car overheating or something like that. My father went down to the basement, turned it off at the fuse, waited a couple of minutes, turned it back on...noise was still there. I realize you don't know for sure because you're not looking at it but could you please give me possibilities of what could be wrong, how easy it would be for someone with no plumbing knowledge to fix (we're quite broke) and if our water pump will still produce water when we desperately need it to.

Please, when listing what could be wrong, list how many hours on average it would take to fix and what parts/supplies would be needed.


You haven't given me enough info to know what is wrong.  Answer a few questions for me, and I'll try to figure it out.

1.  Was the motor running when you hear the noise?

2.  Do you have water when the pump is running?

3.  Do you hear the noise only when the motor is running?


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