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Hi Bob. I live in Western CT in a house we built in 1966. we have an artesian well, 60' deep, with a 1 horsepower jet pump. I use a Culligan 10" filter which I change every 2-3 months. Over the last year (approx) the filter is LOADED with sand. Can you give an educated guess as to what is causing this? and how I can prevent it? Thanks!

Even though I hate those 10" filters, I guess it did let you know that you have a well problem.  Where the sand is coming from is anybody's guess, but it's certainly not a good thing.  Sand can eat your pumps impeller and diffuser over time.  If it gets bad enough, it can also plug things up in your plumbing.  If it's real bad, it can fill the well and cut off the water flow in some cases.  Since the well is probably the original from 1966, my guess would be holes in the casing.  Or possibly if it's a screened well, the screen could be rotting away.  

My advice is to not spend good money after bad trying to repair that well because of it's age and just bite the bullet and drill a new one.  That would more than likely be your least expensive way out.

Sorry to be the guy who had to tell you that.

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