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Hello Jay,

For a while now, I've had a very slow leak in my living room ceiling (a drop once every hour or even less.) The leak is right under an upstairs bathroom. I've had two plumbers over to look at it and both weren't able to fix. The first replaced the flange on the toilet even though he said it was sitting well. The second found a leak when he poured water over the downspout to the tub. He fixed that leak but it didn't resolve the ceiling leak. Finally, I did what I was reluctant to do and cut open the ceiling. Now I'm 99% sure the leak is coming from a joint in the water supply line to the toilet. The joint is underneath the floor to the bathroom and extremely difficult to access from above or below (even with my small hands). I can barely reach it with my hand which is how figured out where the leak was coming from.

My question is, do you think it would be able to stop the leak with epoxy putty or some other sealant? I don't have plumbing skills and I"m reluctant to call another plumber because I think it will be an extremely expensive job since the pipe is so hard to access (behind a big PVC pipe).


Peggy, I have never seen a fool proof product for sealing a pressurized water line. My advise is to get a reputable plumber and have the leak repaired. But... First, take some toilet paper and  gently.dab around the supply line  behind the toilet and around the valve. Flush the toilet  while checking. You might find it is just the flexible supply tube.  By the way, homeowners ins. will pay for any damage or wall/ ceiling removal but they usually won't pay for the plumber.

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