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I am a property manager, recently I got a property which was build around 2007 and only used sporadically since it was used as a vacation home.Now is leased and my tenants complain of low volume on the shower. I check and the water hardly comes on the spout or the shower. I got the cartridge out, I shake it well and it rattles. After that I put it back and I got a bit more water yet still hardly enough to go on the shower. I replace the whole cartridge and it barely improved.  

Tests and work I did:

Replace the shower head.
Remove the spout to check for possible clogs.
Open the master valve with no cartridge on the shower's body to blow out any debris behind the cartridge (water came strong)
With the cartridge out, I poke around the openings of the body with a small wire to try to find any blockage.

Any ideas? I need this thing working ASAP and I don't want somebody telling me I need a $500 job for something that could be resolve in other way. I hear of Drano on the line. Maybe pouring Drano on the shower neck and let it seat for a while?

I will much appreciate any help. By the way, I live in Texas and the water is very hard.

Hi Maurice,
Sounds like you've done most of the trouble shooting tricks. You mentioned that you replaced the shower head.  Did you try the flow from just the shower arm without the head installed?  Most shower heads for the past 15 or more years have a mandated 2.5 GPM flow restrictor for water conservation.
You should also contact Delta Customer Service. They might have some answers.

Never heard the "drano" method. Not a big fan of caustic chemicals myself.

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