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In a 2-floor residence, the kitchen drain on first floor was terribly blocked. Not completely clogged to the point of no drainage, but the drainage would easily slow down when the faucet was open for cleaning dishes. A plumber was called he opened the pipe, which looked nearly 90% blocked. He said this was likely from grease. He suggested obtaining "glue" (his accent was difficult to understand). Do you know what this is?

Also, he said something about the kitchen sink on the second floor contributing to the clog on the first floor. Is that possible? I don't believe the pipes are connected?

Hi Chris
The guy was probably referring to a product the Oatey company markets under their Hercules brand  that's called GLUG. It's non acid and I have not used it. There is a better Hercules product called CLOBBER that works really well for partially plugged drains and for periodic maintenance.
As for the second floor sink effecting the first floor, if the up is directly over the down the yes they are most likely third together and compounding the issue. Also, garbage disposals are the biggest contributors to drain problems. Regardless of what is connected to the line it is important to run cold water down the line co coagulate grease and keep it moving   Hot water makes it stick to the pipes.  

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