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QUESTION: We have had a reverse osmosis system in our home for 10 years, under our kitchen sink. It has worked fine but recently we noticed that the amount of water from the filter tap has become much less, and the flow gets less after about 10 seconds, so we have to wait for the tank to refill before getting more water. There are two filters under the sink and I guess there is also a tank. Also after about 10 seconds we can hear a little knock as the water is going through. Is there a typical reason why the flow is less than before? We used to be able to fill up a tea kettle with 4-5 cups of water, now we can do 2 cups and we have to wait to finish filling. We use a GE reverse osmosis system (Filtration System Model GXRV10ABL01). Thanks.

ANSWER: I personally have no use for RO systems for drinking water.  Is there something wrong with your drinking water without RO?  If not, throw it away.  If you haven't been changing the elements about every 6 months, it's probably so plugged up that it hasn't worked properly in years.

RO removes all the minerals in water that are good for you and it lowers the PH significantly.  If there is no REAL reason you are using the RO, do not use it.

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QUESTION: When you say "element" are you referring to the sumps? because we have changed them every 6 months except the last change after a year. We are in California which supposedly has good tap water. Somehow we renoveated 10 years ago RO got recommended and we did it. I hate the process of changing the filters. Is there any filter system that you would recommend that is easy to put right onto the tap?


Tap water is perfectly safe to drink unless you happen to live in Flint, Michigan.  Bottled water has no regulations or inspections but people drink it like soda pop.  They don't know what is in it but because someone says it's good for you, everyone drinks it.  Same with tap water, there are so many softener, RO, iron filter salesmen in the US that have been telling people their water is disgusting for so many years, it has become the mindset of most Americans.  It's the Rule instead of the Exception.

These under sink filters back when I was a kid were tapped 3/4" and were used as on faucet filters for removing sand and such.  Not impurities.  These filters won't remove anything that can harm you.  Most things in water are dissolved and will pass easily through these filters.  They are not needed in the first place because there is really nothing harmful to remove.  

The only thing I would remove from 98% of tap water in the US is the chemicals your government adds to the water.  Chlorine, Ammonia and Fluoride.  All are poisinous and harmful to your body.  I understand at least chlorine is needed to keep out harmful bacteria.  But as far as I'm concerned the jury is still out on the other two.

If it were me, I would remove the RO completely and just drink the tap water.  You will be getting better water than the water the RO leaves you with.


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