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Hi Jay,

Happy New Year!

Attached please find the picture of one of the faucets from which the hoses of my washer machine are connected. They were installed recently, and when I used them the first time, in the place pointed by the arrow, there's a small leak, like a drop that appears from time to time. What could be causing a leak at that part of the faucet?

I also noticed that one of the faucets is more screwed at the point shown by the lower-left arrow. Could that be causing the leak? Is this something I can fix at this point--after the faucet is installed--by screwing it further using a wrench?

Thank you in advance

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Hello Richard... an good tidings to you as well..
What you are seeing is the stem packing nut that has not been tightened enough. Gently, tighten the brass nut with an open end  or crescent wrench while the faucet is full open. Only tighten enough to stop leak then give it an extra nudge. If you go too tight it will be difficult to open and close. Under that nut is a packing gasket that wraps around the stem to seal it. It's very common that it will leak when the valve is opened and closed so if it happens again, just tweak it some more.


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