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Dear Bob,

I have an under the sink water filter like this one

it's been working for years w/o problem. I replaced the filter cartridges in January. Under the sink there's a faucet to shut off the water supply to the filter inlet hoses (these are very thin flexible plastic tubes, like thin hoses). After I changed the cartridges and reassembled the filter, I left the shut off faucet kind of closed just in case I had made a mistake tightening or the seals weren't seat properly, the leak would be less and easier to control

From time to time, at random I hear the plastic hoses that run from the shut off faucet to the filter rattling under the sink, they shake and hit the underside of the aluminum sink, making some noise. What I've done is to open the filter faucet, and the sink faucet, and let both run for a few seconds, turn them off again, and the noise stops. My concern is what'd happen if the rattling starts while I'm not home to do anything

What could be causing the rattling noise? Is it a bad sign?

Thank you in advance




In my opinion undersink filters are useless.  The only usable cartridge in the entire unit would be a carbon filter which will remove chlorine.  The rest of the filters remove nothing that could be harmful to you.  All they do is plug up and cause you to spend more money.  If and or when those little plastic lines decide to let go, you have a flood in your kitchen and a Hugh water bill to pay.

If they were mine, I would remove them and get on with using the water the way it is.  It's perfectly safe.

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