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If a water heater is a 1998 and has recently began making loud clunking noises and hissing, should it be replaced? It's a 30 gallon Rheem and has no shutoff valve or drip pan, either.

Hi Eileen,
Hissing and clunking noises are a sign that deposits and minerals have precipitated out of the water(normal)and are building up on the bottom of the tank. An 18 year old tank is well past it's intended life span. My suggestion would be to replace it with a more efficient heater and go with a 40 gal instead of thirty. The forty gal. tanks are the standard and outsell the 30's 10 to 1. The installation is exactly the same so don't be tricked into paying more for that.
Shut off valve are required by code and if it is located in an area where a leak would cause unnecessary damage, than a drip pan with a drain hose is recommended.

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