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For my kitchen sink, I have a PVC pipe that is in a horizontal position and I'm pretty sure that it is partly clogged. I was told by my friends not to use any commercial cleaners like Draino. What do you recommend? I was told to use Bio-clean. I want to completely replace the pipe but I'm not skilled enough to do it. thanks

Hi Jackie, The drain cleaners you can but in grocery and home center stores is really not very powerful. Due to product liability issues they had to weaken it. The only thing that can hurt PVC pipes is heat(fire). Most chemicals come in plastic containers. So don't worry about the pipes. There are several good cleaner/drain openers out there that the pro's use. I like the products a company call "Hurcules" sells. It's called drain snake. Also, I use a product called "Clobber" that works well. The absolute best way to open the line is with a flexible drain snake that is inserted into the line to clear obstructions. If you go that route, DO NOT put any chemical cleaner in first or at all. Rod out the line then reassemble the connections and run cold water ,never hot water.
PS. I have heard of Bio-clean but never used it. It may help but it sounds like it would take to much time to get the job done

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