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Sir, I had lots of work done in my crawlspace recently including the installation of a sump pump. Unfortunately I did not have a working outlet to plug it into so the guy attached an extension cord and plugged it in the room above the crawl space opening and I saw a light shine from the sump pump and then he closed the crawl space up and left. Today I looked down in the crawl space and there is no light. I unplugged the extension cord and plugged it in again and still no light. I know nothing about sump pumps and am worried that it is not on. The guy works for a crawlspace outfit out of town and they are closed for a few days. Do you think the sump pump is messed up or what? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Hello, I am curious about the light  on the pump. I have never seen a pump that has a power status light or any light. Was the light you saw on the end of the extension cord? If so, try plugging it into another outlet an see if the end illuminates again. Also, check the fuse/breaker panel and see if the breaker tripped or a fuse blew.  if you see water in the crawl space than chances are the pump isn't running.  

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