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hi..i am looking into the subject of a whole home gas tankless water gas water heater. could you please tell me how hard this is for the plumber and about how long it takes to install?  thank you!

Without looking at your  home and existing plumbing, chimney type and gas supply, and a whole host of other variables it would be next to impossible to give you an accurate estimate.
Most installations usually take about a day to install and that's if everything is adequately sized. If you have doubts about your plumber or the cost then I would get a couple prices. City plumbers get a lot more  per job than country or small town plumbers and it varies even more from state to state. As far as how hard it is to install....It not hard at all it just absolutely MUST be done right.
Sorry to be ambiguous about this but the installation is entirely dependent upon what is existing and what it will take to retrofit it in.


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