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I recently had a plumber install a new Moen kitchen faucet and it has very low water flow. When I called the Moen company, they said it was supposed to be low flow because the new ones have a restrictor now, because of the new government regulations. I wish I had kept my old chipped and dripping Moen faucet, because this one is just taking too long to fill the sink or do dishes. Can you tell me how to remove the restrictor? The company person said anything I do to change it will break the faucet, but I would like a second opinion on that. It is model #CA87316C, a one-handle pullout kitchen faucet. In the manual, there is a diagram to take the sprayer off and clean out the screen at the base of the wand. Is this where the restrictor could be? Thanks. I appreciate your assistance. The old Moen was a normal flow, and my water pressure is still the same into the house at 50.  My new Renzo Model is shown at website:  
Thanks, Eileen

Hello Eileen,
I apologize for the late response as I didn't see the question in my email folder.
I have been a certified Moen dealer/installer for over forty years, in that time I have seen Moen make a lot of changes to their products, almost always in the form of an improvements. This change, however, is not. The key here is "government regulations". Because of localities with water issues people have to be forced to conserve water. Low flow fixtures and flow restrictors in faucets are the result. The manufacturers are tasked to make these products tamper resistant so they can't be altered or converted back to "normal" Moen redesigned the valve orifices and reduced the ports as well as narrowed the spray hose diameter to accomplish this. Moen is correct in that any attempt will most likely ruin the faucet and void their warranty. Also, there are no interchangeable parts to swap out either. If it is any consolation, Moen and every faucet manufacturer has be grappling with this and their hands are tied. They must produce a faucet that is within the required gpm flow rate or be heavily fined.

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