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Dear Mr. Nicholas,

I am re-modeling my master bathroom.

I was thinking of replacing my counter mount bathroom sink faucet with a wall mount.
If wall mounted the faucet wall will have tile around the fixtures.
The wall the plumbing will be on is an inside wall.
My consernes with a wall mount would be leaks and repairs where sink mount would be easy access?
1: Please tell me if if their are any cons to a wall mount faucet vs the regular above the counter mount.

2: Can you recommend the best manufactures for longitivity and least repairs for
Sink, shower and tub faucets and toilet.

Thank you kindly

Hi Kay, I can offer my opinion ..'

The cons: - most are 8" centers or more(that's the distance between the handles)
         - choices are limited and may not fit the decor
         - much more difficult to install and fix
         - and as you stated when leaks occur the damage is more severe and costly to complete
         - wall will have to be opened up to install piping and backing
Now in your case it sounds like an access panel can be cut in on the opposite side of the wall. It would be unique to say the least but you are going to need a large ,deep sink to balance the look and to keep the splashing down to a minimum when using it. You might want to consider a more traditional faucet that has a pull out spout like a kitchen faucet does.

Question 2
Longest lasting and easiest to repair..hands down MOEN Faucets
Selection, innovation and artistic one beats KOEHLER. They lead the industry in design colors and innovation for fixtures, faucets, china(toilets-sinks-lavatories) and in cast iron, fiberglass and acrylic. Be wary of the foreign stuff out there


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