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Good evening Jay,

My name is Brent and I'm trying to figure out something with a water heater. I have a rental property, and during an inspection, I was told I need to "Adjust flue pipe for 1/4 inch per foot rise to outlet" on the water heater. I haven't had any problems in years past with this, and this is a new inspector who said this needs to be fixed. I cannot figure out what he means or how to fix it.

It's a HUD property, so of course there is no one to call and ask, and I need to have it fixed in two weeks, and have no idea where to even start. Can you help shine some light on this for me and help me figure out what he means? I've attached a picture of the top of the water heater including the pipes to give you a visual.

If you can help out in any way I would truly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

At the risk of sounding pompous or arrogant I would say that like most inspectors I have dealt with, there is a reason why they are inspectors. Those that have common sense and mechanical inclination and those that don't .....inspect.
There is nothing wrong with the installation in the picture. Most pro's would use  45 dergree ells instead of 90 degree as you have. I would disassemble what you have, twist one of the 90's into a 45 and set it on the heater draft diverter. (The funnel shaped part of the heater)
Then twist the other 90 into a 45 and cut pieces of the vent pipe to complete the installation. Most likely a small piece coming out of the reducer going up and a small piece between the two 45 degree ells.
The heater manufacturers do not like a 90 directly on the heater if it can be helped.
No inspector I know would make a fuss about your install simply because it is entirely a vertical run. He/she is nit picking.
(on a side note, I have 6 units I biggest headache is HUD not the tenants.)
Good luck

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