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QUESTION: Hi Bob, I live in the country, the house is supplied water from a well. We don't have great water pressure and I have often considered putting in a holding tank in the basement. Could you give me advice on what system would work. I'm starting from scratch so I'm not even sure what to look at. I found a vertical stand pre charged water system tank on Menards site, is this something that would work? What size would I need, three people living in home, there's two sinks, bathtub, one toilet but I'm planning on adding a toilet and sink upstairs. Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Linda,

The low pressure could be from your pump not being large enough or even being set wrong.  It could also be a low yield well that just can't keep up with demand.  

If your on a well I have to assume you already have a pump and tank.  The tank simply stores water under pressure and it put there by the pump.  Adding another pressure tank anywhere will not help the pressure.  It's the pumps job to supply the pressure.

Your plumbing could also be too small or it could be plugged with mineral from the water.  

Questions:  Do you know anything about the pump, tank and well that you have now?  If so, tell me all you can.
How old is the home and plumbing?
Do you know if you have a jet pump or a submersible?
Is the pressure bad everywhere or just on some faucets?


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QUESTION: Hi Bob, The plumbing is about 40 years old, a lot of it I just put in new when I changed the location of a new hot water heater. The supply line coming in is original 3/4" pvc. The kitchen has bad pressure and the supply line coming off of the main line is 1/2". I was wondering if I replace it with 3/4" if that would help. The rest of the house has pretty good pressure but could be better. I know they replaced the holding tank last year with a flotec 85 gal. Not sure about the pump. The house is an old two story farm house probably 100 years old. I have a dirt floor in the basement, sandy soil so never needed a pump in the basement, no flooding issues there. Si I have my supply lines that are 3/4" pvc and then come off of them with 1/2", the kitchen is the only line that has 1/2", probably about 35' from the main line to kitchen.
So your saying they make nothing to put in your basement to increase pressure, I ask because my ex always said he was going to put a tank in the basement to improve the water pressure. Thanks

Hi again Linda,

A lot of people think adding a tank will improve pressure.  It won't.  The 1/2" feedline is a problem.  3/4" would be much better in PVC.  Now, CPVC is smaller inside diameter than PVC, so don't use that without going up one more size to 1".  The Flotec tank is another bad brand from the Big Box stores.  1.5 years is their average life expectancy in my experience.

You might be able to increase the pressure by turning up the pressure switch on the pump.  If it's a submersible, it should go higher with no problem.  If it's a jet pump, it may be nearly maxed out.  You can get a lot of good advice from my FAQ's on the Website.  It's a little slow right now, but still has lots of info.  Here is the link:

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