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Hi Jay, I live in a rental house with a not too responsive land lord. After much asking, he himself replaced our leaky kitchen faucet. The new one doesn't leak, but there is no water pressure. It is often just a very slow stream, but on occasion has full pressure. The sprayer has full pressure, and sometimes after using the sprayer, the faucet pressure will temporarily increase. I have checked the supply lines for kinks and made sure they are tight. The attached photo is with the water turned all the way on.  Any suggestions?

It sounds like the diverter that is built into the faucet to divert water to the sprayer may be sticking. It could be crud in the pipe that was dislodged when changing the faucet. With the water off, remove the aerator from the end of the spout and see if it's clogged. is so clean it. Then turn the water on full, both hot and cold and activate the sprayer repeatedly and see if it makes a difference. remove the aerator again and see if there is any debris in it. Also, make sure the shutoff valves under the sink are full on.


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