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Hello -
I live about halfway between Atlanta and Columbus, GA. I have lived in this home since it was new 5 years ago, and I have a drilled well that is 125 feet deep. The well was originally certified with a flow of 32 gallons per minute. Till now, I have had absolutely no problems with pressure, and the water has always been very very clear and has had a good taste. I have never had a need for any filters, although both of my neighbors, also on drilled wells, have installed large filters to combat problems with iron in their water staining everything.
My problem is that last night I took a shower and noticed the pressure was a bit low. I figured that the silt screen at the well was clogged, as it sometimes gets after heavy rains, which we have had in the past few weeks. I went out and flushed it, came in and went to bed.
This morning my Girlfriend and I got up to get ready for work, she took a shower and had no problems, and then maybe 5 minutes later I came in to get in the shower and the pressure was down to a trickle.
Not knowing what to do, I went out in the garage and reset the breaker for the well. I came back in, turned the shower back on, and it seemed OK. I got in the shower, and huried myself up, because towards the end of the shower, I noticed the pressure dropping off again.
After I got dressed, I went to the kitchen and checked the faucet there. Again, it was fluctuating from normal to very very low. I was able to hear a slight hum from the pump kicking in (submersible pump, but I have always been able to hear a slight hum through the pipes when it kicks on), so I knew the pump was coming on.
I ran some water for the dog, and noticed that the water coming out of the faucet was very cloudy, with either a yellowish or brownish tint. I replicated this in the bathroom sink on the other end of the house as well.
I went out to the well and had a look. Everything seemed normal. There's a pressure gauge on the line coming out of the bladder tank. It was sitting just under 80psi with the pump off. I opened the valve to flush the silt screen, the pressure dropped pretty fast to just above 60, and the pump came on and brought the pressure back up.
I talked to a local guy who knows wells, and he says if the pump is coming on, it's not bad. He also said it's rare for a drilled well to suddenly go dry. He said that it *may* be that their is a crack in a line between the well and the house, which may explain both the pressure and the cloudiness.
We've been going through some long periods of drought in this are this Summer, but in the last month we've had a good bit of rain at my house.
None of my neighbors have reported any problems at all with their water supplies.


Hey Jack,
This is not my specialty but I too have a well and I have found a few sites that have helped me so I will pass them along to you, deal?  But I tend to think it may be a cracked line too, but running dry concerns me also but you have great pressure, much higher than mine and it is holding the prime.  So I can't really help on this one other than to pass on some info, OK.  I hope it helps and good luck!

(THE BEST) The other 2 just go over the same things pretty much.

Again, good luck!

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