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We did everything you said...nothing helped.  Any more suggestions?
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My tub drain was very slow.  I plunged it several times, did get some crud out of the first time to take a shower after that, it is totally stopped up.  Water does not move at all.  The drain has an opening looks like a circle divided into four cross bars.  What do I do?
 The crud you got back is soap, grease and sludge. If you do not have a drum trap, you can access and clean drain by removing the waste and overflow cover, Not as easy as sounds if it is a trip lever style it could be full of hair, if you remove the 2 screws, that hold it on tub and pull up they usually pull hard but hair and all will come with as a rule. I do however say if you are unsure hire a pro as they can be trouble. I do also recommend Bio-clean for maintaining drains.
Hope this helps DB Let me know if need more help. New mall open

WELL sometimes they are plugged further down, you can run a sewer cable down until you get it to drain, or as stated hire a pro. Tub drains can be hard to clean they lime up, soap scum up, fill with hair. I always hated to do one because most homeowners do not understand, the person or plumbers who plumb houses, do not install clean outs for future maintaining of drains, and when we suggest to install, we get an answer like well it has done with out all of these years. I can not stress enough to home owners drains are like arteries, they fill up and need to have the proper diet so to speak. Or a good maintainenc plan.
 Not knowing all of the basics, how it is piped, it could be plugged in the first couple of feet or as far away as 30 feet. I would call a professional at this point. As renting a drain machine cost about as much.  DB

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