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Tony wrote at 2009-02-13 01:02:39
Aquasource seems to be a non-entity. I was looking for information on some Aquasource products I saw at Lowes and they are not on the Internet anywhere I could find. I can find their products all over, but no information from their corporate offices.

liz wrote at 2010-01-15 22:55:41
here is the toll free number for aquasource sold at lowes, it is only avain mon to thurs 8 to 6, fri 8 to 5pm.. good luck. 1800 643 0067.. non of the bath products from moen to any other brand come with good instructions, i actually got so mad i filed a formal complaint with moen.

gala62 wrote at 2014-06-24 21:13:39
the above posted 800 number does appear to connect to someone at AquaSource (select option #6). My contractor had a problem with the shower mixing valve (purchased at Lowes, item #0065464) not delivering any hot water.

After selecting the correct option, he did connect to someone who was able to help him right away. So we ended up with a good working fixture.  

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