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Plumbing in the Home/Grohe kitchen faucet with low pressure


Jeff Walker wrote at 2007-06-24 15:56:49
In reference to Jim's question,

I had a similar problem after replacing my well pump. All the other faucets were fine except for the Grohe Lady Lux faucet in the kitchn. After checking the obvious, flushing the aerator screen, removing and checking the cartridge - they were both clear -

Try this - remove the pullout hose from the connection to the water stem under the sink, via the quick connect slip connector (ours was red) - this slip connector seems to have a built in check valve - blow valve out with compressed air in direction of water flow  - re-assemble the faucet - this worked for me.


mkandl wrote at 2008-02-09 19:18:00
I just looked at the SNAP connector on the hose that the water must go through AFTER the faucet control.  Tom was EXACTLY correct and our flow is better than I ever imagined after putting up with low flow for 3 years.  Many thanks Tom !!!!!

tinkerer wrote at 2010-10-03 16:46:58
This worked for me, too: went through the line and isolated the red clip-on connector. Soaked it in vinegar and water overnight but it didn't help. Had to have a few tries at it with compressed air: first in the direction of flow and then the other direction, using a small screwdriver to push open the valve and allow airflow in the opposite direction.

Small pieces of rubber gasket (from a defective shut-off valve!) came shooting out; now the flow rate is back to normal. Thanks for the answer!

Charlie wrote at 2012-12-31 22:10:57
excellent... just had a similar problem after a HW repair a lot of debree in the upper portion but the flow never got back to normal until I cleaned out the red connector with vinigar and a then blew it out...  lots of debree there.

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