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Senior Chief wrote at 2012-11-09 03:55:29
Are you kidding me....pre-warming your hot water naturally is an awesome idea I am surprised more people don't think like this.Move to Topock AZ. They turn there hot water heaters completely off in the summer...Don,t let any one else tell you any different. If you gain 10 to 15 degrees difference between the two tanks in the summer pending where you live that is huge..most set back thermostats for cooling or heating is recommended 10 to 15.Don,t listen to this guy

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I am a Certified Building Official, and I am certified by the International Conference of of Building Officials as a plans examiner and as a commercial and residential building and plumbing inspector.


I have been the Building Official for a small town in Alaska for the last 14 years. I also spent 20 years working in construction. I don't know that much about wells and septic systems.

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