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paul d. wrote at 2011-01-14 20:12:14
the hot water filler tank howls when the hot water is used, inside the ballcock valve is a cone with a hole for the water to flow through. i replaced the cone with one that has a larger hole, problem solved in 5 minutes. paul d.

rti wrote at 2015-06-16 15:52:54
I recently replaced a water heater and I was talking to the installer while he installed it. I noticed that when he cut the copper pipes for the intake and outflow, he did not ream the inside copper pipe (smooth the lip that forms) when the pipe is cut. I have done a little work, but it has been years and I figured it would be ok. However, I have this issue and will post a question on it, but I think it is possible that the lip is causing enough friction that it could be causing the howl. All I know is once replaced the howl started immediately.

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