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Jimmy wrote at 2010-08-11 18:48:44
I also have this same issue with my hot water supply to my kitchen sink. This week, the hot water at the kitchen sink was only a trickle. By tapping on the cut-off valve I could make it a little better or worse. Ireplaced the cut-off valve and it fixed the problem (at least temp). When I removed the old valve I found that it was clogged with very thin strips of plastic/teflon type material and the strips were 2-5 inches in length and about 3/8" - to 1/2" in width. I wonder if the strips could be from the hot water heater (tank delaminating or something) and then getting into my hot water supply line. My fear is that whatever is causing it will circulate to all the hot water faucets in the house and clog them as well.

Thanks, Jimmy

Eddie wrote at 2010-09-01 11:24:44
Your problem sounds like it is related to a waterheater problem. Check to see if you have a Bradford White waterheater. Years ago they had problems with there anode rod. The teflon coating broke down on the inside of the rod. The plastic you found might be very old from a pre-existing problem. Once you clean the strainer it should be fine unless you have a very old Bradford White waterheater. In that case you would need to replace the anode rod.

Hope this helps!

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Roger wrote at 2011-02-06 23:54:16
I have white plastic just as you describe, I picked out what I could, but I had to clean it out again the next day. Seems to be better now.

Ron - San Diego wrote at 2012-12-15 17:59:58
I have the same problem. I showed the plastic to a plumber and he immediately knew what it was. My State 510E water heater has some kind of internal diptube. The tube is lined with that plastic. After 23 years the plastic is delaminating and finding it's way into the water line. I have to disassemble my shower facet about onece a month to clean the crap out. I should replace the heater, but I'm underwater (no pun intended) on this place and have no intention of putting a cent ito it.  

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