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I have diabetic since 15 years. Quite under control. Hb1AC last August was 6.4. Liver/Kidney test results, as per doctor was very good. I am taking spirits everyday approx 200ml diluted. Of course weekend days more. Since, one month I am feeling burning sensation under my foot, especially when sleeping. For the last few days, I am not taking alcohol, hence between night hours I feel burning sensation under my feet and wake-up. If I pour some cold water, I feel comfort.

Everyday I am going out for a walk for about half an hour. During the walk wearing bit tight jogging shoes I feel the same burning feel. But, when I wear my office shoe, which is quite big, I am not feeling this burning sensation. Please advice.

From your description it sounds like you are doing pretty well.  The solution is simple.  Do not wear tight shoes.  Most likely you are having symptoms consistent with neuropathy or a neuroma.  A neuroma is a nerve "tumor" that is benign and is aggravated with tight fitting shoes.  If you purchase some custom orthotics or arch supports this may alleviate some symptoms.  Also, you should consider icing the area that burns.  Again, the simplest solution is to wear looser shoes.

I hope this helps!

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Dr. Cruz


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