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Hi doctor,

I fractured my cuboid bone on the right foot on September 13. My foot was swollen and I was placed in a cast for the first 4 weeks. I had the cast removed on October 11 and my foot was not swollen anymore. The doctor told me to elevate my foot when I sit down or sleep. Two weeks ago, I saw the doctor and he told me to use my right toes to walk. I started doing that a week ago, but it was painful and I have bruises on my right foot. Now (7 weeks), if I do not elevate my foot, it becomes swollen. I am wondering when it will be recovered? When do I start doing physical therapy do that I can start walking again?

Thank you so much for your answer.


Hello Elisa,

This is a difficult problem.  So, is the bone healed? Did you doctor take X-rays of your foot to identify healing.  If it is healed then the swelling should be easily controlled.  If it is still broken then you may want to consider an external bone stimulator or entertain the idea to reduce the fracture site and fixate it.  If it is a chronic problem because the joint is swelling then maybe consider a fusion to alleviate the pain. Bottom line is that your doctor should evaluate the fracture for healing.  Then from there he/she can determine healing time. If it is painful to walk then it is probably not wise to walk on your foot. Listen to your body.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr


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