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Podiatry/Rolled on left foot continued pain


Greetings doctor! Im a 25 year old male, about 1 month ago I was going down the stairs of my apartment building, I stepped incorrectly with my left foot and it sort of "Rolled" onto the left side.  A large lump appeared on the left TOP portion of the foot, between the ankle and the toes. After several days this lump dissappeared.

However the pain has continued, although it only occurs at certain times and i'll try to explain the symptomology as best as possible.

1. I can bear weight on the foot with no problem.

2. In the morning the foot hurts in that particular area.

3. If I completely extend the foot "toes pointing outwards" I can feel the location of pain, although it isn't overly painful.

4. If I run my fingers over the area and push I can recreate the pain as well, although again the pain has minimized since the initial contact.

5. While walking I can just barely feel the pain, although it makes it much harder to JOG.

 It has now been about a month and a week, I was able to jog again several days ago but about an hour after the jogging the pain gets pretty strong again.  I'd really just like your honest opinion as to whether this will get better or not, whether you believe it is a break... I guess just give me the good news and the bad news.  I am unable to afford going to a doctor currently, so i'd like just the best feedback and how to treat the current situation. Thanks so much


Sorry for the unfortunate injury you have experience.  It is quite common for people to roll their ankles even when walking on flat solid surfaces.  It sounds like your pain is improving slowly but is lingering especially when you exert your self with weight bearing activities.  Lateral ankle sprains can take quite some time to heal so I suggest you see a podiatrist or orthopedic to assess the complexity of your injury.  If you cannot seek medical attention then I would consider some kind of lace up brace that supports the ankle and resists inversion and eversion of the foot.  Essentially your body is trying to heal but it takes some time.  With support from an ankle brace you may be able to continue some weight bearing activity but always listen to your body for pain.  If the activity hurts you have to back off.  If you do not then you can possibly injure yourself even more.  

Best of luck

Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr


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