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Podiatry/Cuboid Non-displaced Fracture Question


Hi Dr. Katz,
On September 9, 2013, I stepped off a raised landing and was sent to the ER.  I was told I had an ankle sprain, but after going to the orthopedic and 2 weeks later receiving an MRI, I was told I have thickened ligaments, a non displaced fracture in my cuboid, an ankle sprain, and lots of blood surrounding the area.  I was put in an orthotic boot for about 4 months, and have recently been walking without a boot for the last month-two months. I've done physical therapy for a few times a week for two months, and now visit them once a week to get my ankle massaged and worked on and given new exercises.  My orthopedic doctor told me my body adversly reacts to trauma and I have a lot of scar tissue which is holding me back from my normal range of motion, but I've made a ton of improvements.  Long story short, last Monday I started limping a lot again.  Every morning my ankle is usually tight and it takes about 20 minutes of walking on it for it to be lose and I walk fine.  Then throughout the week it got worse and worse.  It was still tight, and I was walking with a limp.  Once it got to Saturday I could barely walk on it.  My ankle itself doesn't hurt but the area below it where the cuboid is hurts when I push on it.  Could a cuboid bone that was non-displaced and healed in a boot for so long have issues 5 months later?  Is it that my scar tissues breaking up and my ankle is cracking a little and that's why it hurts?  Advice on what to do?  I've been icing and resting as much as I can.

Hi Kim

When you have a fracture you get significant soft tissue damage and you may also damage the joints.  So, I would recommend x-rays and a repeat MRI to see if something new has developed.

In addition, you would likely benefit from orthotic custom inserts made by a podiatrist.
Here is some information on orthotic devices:

Let's see how you do with this treatment and please let me know if you have gotten relief.

Good Luck

Dr. Katz


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