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Podiatry/Foot fungus transmission by contact


My friend has tinea pedis and I sometimes hang out with her. I do not directly touch her foot, nor touch or share any of her personal items. However, I am concerned about catching tinea pedis from spending time with her. I find that I avoid my friend because of the fear of catching tinea pedis just by being around her. Is it possible to catch tinea pedis from her due to casual contact, such as hugging, sharing food, or just riding in the car with her?

Hi Emi

Fungal infections such as tinea pedis are everywhere in the environment.  It is highly unlikely that you would get the infection from your friend in the situations that you describe.

It is more likely to get the infection from a pedicure or injury to the toe.  Some people have a tendency to get fungal infections easily while others may not get it even if it touches them.


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