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Podiatry/Inside foot, below ankle bone pain and numbness on ball of the same foot.


Dear Doctor Katz,

I hope you can help me.  In August 2013, after some intense exercising, the ball of my left foot became numb.  Gradually, pain has been developing below my left ankle bone.  The numbness seems to be spreading. The pain is getting worse.  I have seen one podiatrist who gave me a Cortizone shot (without relief). My PCP suggested putting an ice pack on the area several times a day.  Tried this, to no avail.  I lead a busy life, with walking, hiking, golfing and tapping/clogging. I am seeing my PCP again in a week. Do you have any suggestions as to what may be going on with this area of my left foot?  I'm at my wits end.

Thank you.

Mary Jo

Hi Mary Jo

There are several possibilities.  I would highly recommend an MRI of the foot and ankle.  You may have a nerve compressed in the ball of the foot or behind the ankle.  These conditions may be a neuroma or tarsal tunnel.

Another possibility that should be considered is RSD or CRPS.  These conditions are problems with the nerves that produce symptoms that are beyond the normal reaction.  

I would see a podiatrist that can think about local problems and problems that may be beyond the foot.  

So get the MRI and see if there are answers.

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