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79 yrs. female.  Toward the evening, my soles feel numb. I take my socks off because the area above the ankles becomes very tight and the skin has wrinkles in that area. The soles burn to the point where I don't want to walk.  I am fine most of the day, unless I stay on them all day long. The instep feels very tight also.
Awakening in the morning I have to get up quickly and stand up because the feet and legs cramp up tight. I am not on any meds and have normal bp and pulse.  is this a condition?  Thanks

Hi Pat

There are several possibilities.  You may have circulation problems that should be checked even if your pulse seems fine.  The other possible condition is neuropathy, which is a condition that effects the nerves of the foot and causes some symptoms that you describe.  In some cases it could just be your foot structure not being supported properly and you could have custom orthotic devices made for you.

I would see a podiatrist and have these possibilities evaluated.

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