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I had bunionectomy  to my left foot 2 months ago they removed spurs on my big toe  on  the outside, inside  and lip on top bone removed. I still have some swelling across the front of foot.soreness across all toes and site where the spurs  were removed.  I have tingling  behind the big toe in arch when I rub in that area.Is this a sign of nerve  damage.

Dear Willie,

Foot surgery can sometimes be very taxing on the surrounding structures adjacent to the site of the procedure.  That being said it is not uncommon to have nerve type symptoms after a procedure.  Sometimes the nerve is also effected by the swelling that occurs after the surgery as well.  There are many ways to alleviate these symptoms using topical medications or even oral meds if needed.  Typically nerve related issues, post bunionectomy, resolve within 6 month of the procedure but can last up to a year.  

Neuropathy can also exist because of different reasons such as diabetes, poor nutrition, and other various disease states.  Most likely if your neuropathy began after surgery and not before, then we know the cause, but sometimes problems can coexist without us knowing.  

My suggestion is follow up with your doctor and ask about topical medications that you can apply to the area to alleviate symptoms.  

I hope this helps!

Dr. Cruz


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