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Good Morning,
My name is Susan and I am a 49 year old type 1 diabetic.
About 2 months ago I banged the area above ankle against the lower bar on a shopping cart. There are broken capillaries in the area. The problem is that it still feels extremely bruised and turns bright red in the shower, although the area does not feel hot to the touch. I was put on cipro for 10 days, checked with an ultrasound for a bloodclot, no change from the cipro and no bloodclot. Two days ago I went for an xray of the area, we still do not have those results. What I am wondering is if you have any thoughts or suggestions to what this may be or what to check next because my doctor does seem baffled.I am concerned of course because of my diabetes and I feel like we are getting nowhere. Oh yes, also my bloodwork does not indicate an infection, my white bloodcell count is 4.4. The other thing is that 3 days ago I switched to diabetic socks because it was right above the sockline and these socks always leave a wring around my lower leg.
Thank you for your time and help!

Hi, Susan,

So sorry to hear about your difficulties!  It's hard for me to know exactly what's going on without doing an examination myself.  Did your doctor order an MRI to check for a stress fracture, bone contusion, or muscle injury?  If not, and if you're really concerned about it, that might be the next step to take.

With diabetes, as you know, wounds can sometimes take much longer than usual to heal.  Blood vessels were probably broken and need to form again, and although two months seems like a long time, it might just be something that is taking your body extra time to repair.

Hopefully you and your doctor can figure out what's going on.  As I said, without being able to examine your leg myself, it's hard for me to know exactly what's going on.  Maybe the MRI (or a CT scan) can help.

Wishing you health, happiness, and peace,
Dr. Bodart


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