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Since new years 2015 I decided to return to the gym and get back in shape. By February, I noticed a minor clicking noise coming off my right foot. Gradually the noise became more and more obvious. Now i cant go three steps without hearing a cracking/snapping noise. Aside from that i noticed that when it snaps, my foot feels weird, making me walk somewhat with a limp. My heel at times minorly hurts after a stading and or walking for a while. Im 27 years old 5'8" 220lbs

Hi, Steve,

So I'm assuming your question is, "What is happening?"  Without examining you, it's difficult to know for sure, but what you are describing sounds like one of your tendons is sliding over other tissues (bone, other tendons) and possibly moving in and out of place.  The technical word for that is "tendon subluxation."  I'd strongly recommend that you see a podiatrist, preferably one who deals with sports injuries, so that you can get an accurate diagnosis and learn what needs to be done.  I wouldn't ignore it, especially if it's getting worse, as you could potentially be doing some damage to whatever structure is causing that snapping sound.

Best of luck, and I hope things work out!  Also, feel free to write again if you had a different question.

Wishing you health, happiness, and peace,
Dr. Bodart


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