I asked an orthopedic doctor this, but he really didn't answer my question. I'm 64 and was told years ago that I had pronation. All of my shoes, over time, show much more wear on the outer edge of the heel than the inner, look totally lopsided. I know there are special inserts or orthotics for this, and this may be a silly question, but if I make a conscious attempt to walk more on the inside of my foot than on the outside, when the heel first contacts the ground, will this help at all?  Thanks

Hi, Lee,

Thank you for sharing this question with me.  You are correct, there are supportive devices (commonly called orthotics) that fit in your shoes to help with biomechanical issues like pronation.  Most podiatry offices offer either the custom-molded orthoses (orthotics) or have/know of an over-the-counter insert that can give some structure/stability to your feet.  The difference is that orthotics are built specifically for you, usually by making a mold of your feet, and inserts vary by size and sometimes arch height, but are not specific to your feet.  In other words, orthotics take time to build/create, while inserts can be pulled off a shelf or out of a bin.

If you simply make an effort to change the way you walk, you will most likely develop tendinitis or muscle fatigue in your feet or legs, or potentially knee or hip pain. In short, I really wouldn't recommend that you try to walk differently.  Instead, look for a local podiatrist who can help you with this condition.  We are well-trained in the mechanics of gait (the way a person walks) and will do our best to correct the problem.

I hope this helps!  Thanks again for writing, and best of luck in your journey.

Wishing you health, happiness, and peace,
Dr. Bodart


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