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Poetry/is this good poetry?


I am looking for someone who can tell me if i should keep up my work of poetry.
         WHO CAN SAVE ME
Manmade creatures so cruel, are those who like to unfairly rule;many question if they have hearts; those demons of hell growl out commands, hoping they can tear others apart. Stay away from things that hurt you, even if you don't understand why yet, i defently do and thats a good reason. They never have cared about others' feelings, a baggot orvhypocrite is a way of saying 'stop being rude or you'll be paying for all those crimes commited'; change your ways by looking through others' views. I promise you that nothing could help you more than caring about the old or weak;save people from that devasating power crushing all the strong and weak flowers, here in this blissful land of sad hearts and unfaithful goals set to keep them together; turn a frown upside down when you act so goofy like a clown. Everybody once had pure souls but--- greed and jealousy overruled them; there is always a hero to save the day, that one person could be you....


Greetings, Jessica...

NO ONE can tell you if your poetry is good or if you should continue to write.

There is no "good" or "bad" poetry any longer, as most of what is written nowadays isn't even poetry, but is more of a free-style.

There is only one, true type of poetry and that is lyrical prose...which tells a story and rhymes.

Think of the old greats of poetry...Keats, Rossetti, Poe...etc.

Much of non-rhyming poetry today isn't poetry at all, but random (but sometimes, meaningful) thoughts on paper.

The term, "poetry" has come to stand for anything short and written in stanzas, when in actuality, that is not truly the case of what makes poetry.

However...times and attitudes toward writing change and poetry was one of the first casualties of those changing times.

Writing TRUE poetry is hard work, as you must take into account rhyming ability and cadence, both of which make, or break, a poem.

Without either of those two qualities, what is now deemed, "poetry" is just words, is easy to write and takes no talent.

So, with that in mind, in today's world of what poetry has become...don't let anyone tell you that you need to stop writing.

The poetry snobs like myself (my poetry is written in the style of old, though I have dabbled in "free-hand" - another term given to the non-rhyming poetry of now) are few and far between and we are vastly outnumbered.

In fact...I own a magazine that accepts poetry and 99% of what I receive is free-hand. I have no choice but to accept it because so few people have the true talent it takes to write real poetry.

With that in mind...don't let anyone stop you. Write what you like, write as much as you like and write until you're content.

There is no longer a "judge" of poetry.

Times have indeed, changed...

Good luck and I hope this answer helped you.



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