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Poetry/the Little Quaker Sinner.


Thank you SO much for finding this poem.
I live in Australia-and am pleased to find the poem was a "worldwide" hit!
My 94 yr old mother-now deceased-used to recite this poem so often--and I was trying to remember it, so as to teach it to my young grand-daughter.
My mother used to put SO much expression into it.
For example-
the first "tuck" was whispered.
the "a tuck!a tuck! a tuck"" was said in a high voice, mimicking a bird.
"repentant,saddened, humbled "were said so slowly.
the "ripped" was said with a great rolling of the R-in an upward mode.
it brings back great memories.
many thanks

Dear Ellen:

Today has been another gray, gloomy day, typical of January.  However, the sun is now shining, and your message might just be the reason.

I just finished writing a response to a man [Mike from California] who discovered one of my answers on the internet.  He has never sent me a question; he just criticizes responses that I give.  I don't know why he chooses to call me names -- "obscene names" -- but that is his style.  He essentially told me that I was worthless and that my answers were worthless.  Finally, he suggested that I leave Allexperts FOR GOOD.  [I have answered more than 7000 questions in the last 12+ years.]

SO . . .

I am very thankful to you and to the other "Ellens" of the world.

I must confess that I had great fun in reading your message ALOUD.  I tried to duplicate your mother's expressions.  My tongue got twisted on the "RIPPED."

I'm glad that you have these great memories.  Both of my parents passed away several years ago, but I remember statements that they made.  With only a short time left, my 92-year old mother would ask me each night, "Please tuck me in."  

My father occasionally said, "That's how it soaked in on me."  I finally figured out that he was saying, "That's how I UNDERSTAND it."

Ah . . . . memories.

Thank you.  THANK YOU for writing.  You have helped me to "keep on, keeping on."


Ted Nesbitt


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