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Ted -

This isn't a question, but merely another thread to trace on the above issue.  I've come across the same poem in a 1936 book entitled "Best Loved Poems of American People" edited by a Hazel Felleman.  The poem is attributed to Roy Croft.  Would seem to imply that regardless of the origin of Mr. Croft, that Erich Fried in fact appropriated the poem himself and translated it into German, as he would have been only 15 in 1936.  Seeing as the book was a compilation of best loved American poems, it is hard to see how he could be the author.  Thaks for your work on the subject.

Dear Peter:

Thank you for your message.  My research about the poem and about Roy Croft was a lengthy project, finished -- I thought -- years ago.

There are several poems that have been attributed to different writers.  Naturally, people want to know the REAL POET.   The Croft poem is one of them.  I get questions or responses like yours a couple of times each year.  The "poem" has its own "following."

I'm sure Roy Croft is appreciating the interest in his poem.

Thank you for sharing.



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