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Hello! For my English project I have to analyze the poem "Shadow" by Wislawa Szymborska (below), and I'm having trouble understanding what the poem is about, other than the fact that it describes a person's shadow. Can you please help me find the overall message? Thank you.

My shadow is a fool whose feelings
are often hurt by his routine
of rising up behind his queen
to bump his silly head on ceilings.

His is a world of two dimensions,
thatís true, but flat jokes still can smart;
he longs to flaunt my courtís conventions
and drop a role he knows by heart.

The queen leans out above the sill,
the jester tumbles out for real:
thus they divide their actions; still,
itís not a fifty-fifty deal.

My jester took on nothing less
than royal gesture's shamelessness,
the things that I'm too weak to bear-
the cloak, crown, scepter, and the rest.

Iíll stay serene, wonít feel a thing,
yes, I will turn my head away
after I say good-bye, my king,
at railway station N., some day.

My king, it is the fool whoíll lie
across the tracks; the fool not I.

Dear Angela,

The speaker of Wislawa Szymborska's "Shadow" compares metaphorically her feelings to a court jester (fool) who entertains the king and queen.  By separating her true self from that fool, she attempts to lessen their hurtfulness.

Hope this helps.


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