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Dear Ted,
Many thanks for your kind help.
Here is the revised version of the writing as far as my knowledge could follow your suggestions.

The Matrix of Variables

Every thing begins with variables (a set of features that make things, animals and humans different). What you are right now is not you. There are a series of variables that are connected to each other and define you. They can change every thing. They provide people with many possibilities of being and acting; therefore, you can not easily predict them and their behaviour.

What we are faced with as a problem in TEFL as a field of study is that variables are many and that they seem to be in a matrix which is rotating while all its members are rotating at the same time and influencing each other. So many possibilities can be seen.

Whether we control variables or they control us is not clear. In one sense it is we who manipulate what we want; however, in the other, it seems nonsense, since if we do not manipulate any variables, then can we say that no variables are involved? They are surely there, somewhere. They are like genes; the only thing we can do is to try to be aware of them and predict their behavior. We are not very successful, though.

We are faced with a matrix of variables not just one tiny one. The characteristics of a matrix give the ability to variables to act differently in different situations. For example, variable A (intelligence) can behave in a way in a research in the field of teaching while the same variable shows different characteristics when it is connected to age or sex; and then it is different when intelligence and age and learning style are combined. There is no way to get out unless we unravel this big, big Matrix. Time has come to change the old method of gaining knowledge through research in vacuum on a special case with a special feature in a special area; therefore, variables and their characteristics should be defined, very difficult, though it may be.

Thank you.

Dear Bob:

You are sending your questions to my page at the Allexperts literature area, which does not always work for me AND which I plan to leave.

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Would you mind copying your message -- this one -- and send it again, but to the "General-Writing-Grammar" site?

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