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Hi Ted
Can you tell me any information on the poet Roy Croft as I would like to use his poem "Love" in my forthcoming wedding speech but I cannot find anything about him on the Internet apart from the verse.... Any help would be gratefully received... Thanks Ian


I have had questions about Roy Croft and this particular poem many, many times.  I wish I could provide you with detailed information, but no one has been able to find any.  Several years ago, I posted a question about him to a "difficult reference question" group of over 1600 librarians throughout the world.  No one knew anything.

Here's what I can tell you.  There is one website that gives his birth year as 1907 and his year of death as 1973.  I cannot verify that those dates are correct.

The Library of Congress maintains an "Authority File" on all authors whose books it has.  Roy Croft is not one of their listed authors, which is very peculiar.

His collection of poetry was just 28 pages in length, and the paperback edition was published in 1979 by Blue Mountain Press, a division of Blue Mountain Arts. If there was a hardcover edition, it would have been published BEFORE 1979. Blue Mountain Press is or was a "vanity" press.  In short, authors pay THEM to print their books.

There is no entry for him in the MANY volumes of Who's Who.
The "Biography and Genealogy Master Index" lists a Roy Croft [1919-1977], but it gives no more information about him.  That could or could NOT be the poet, Roy Croft.  Incidentally, the two references I just mentioned cover more than 121 MILLION people.

I also searched for the book "I Love You," using the WorldCat database, which includes the collections of thousands of libraries throughout the world.  No library has it!

You might contact Blue Mountain directly.  Here is the information for them:

Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.
Type: Private Company
Address: P.O. Box 4549, Boulder, Colorado 80306, U.S.A.
Telephone: (303) 449-0536
Fax: (303) 417-6496
Web: http//
Employees: 120
Sales: $60 million (1998 est.)
Incorporated: 1972 as Hartford House, Ltd.

This is really a mystery.  I have the feeling that Mr. Croft wrote this one very significant poem and got it published in some magazine or newspaper.  Then it was "discovered" and became a standard for wedding ceremonies.

The rest is history.

I am sorry that I can give you no more information.  I think I have become the leading expert on Roy Croft.

Ted Nesbitt


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