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Pokemon/Staraptor Brave Bird troubles...


Can someone please explain something to me.

I have level 54 Staraptor (Aerial ace, Fly, Brave Bird, Take Down) Male (nature - naive , ability - intimidate)

and a Level 26 Murkrow (Haze, Wing Attack , night shade, assurance) Female (nature - quirky, ability insomnia)

both obviously just mules for trying to get a murkrow and eventually honchkrow with Brave Bird. Problem is i've made about 40 murkrow egg's hatch and none of them have had Brave Bird they always get these moves

Aerial Ace ( I want )
Astonish (don't want)
Fly (don't want)
Peck (don't want)

I don't understand why none of them are getting Brave Bird. Btw i'm playing Pokemon Diamond if that has anything to do with it.

someone help PLEASE :D :D :D

I'm sorry to tell you, but the fact that you're playing Diamond does have something to do with it.

Murkrow can only have Brave Bird as an Egg Move in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. (scroll down to reach the Egg Moves section)

Sorry, but you'll have to trade them both to HG/SS to hatch a Murkrow with Brave Bird.


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