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Pokemon/IV and Team build help?


Hey I'm about to start building a new team for wifi battles, and I know how to do EV's but not IV's so help with that would be great. And also I would like your help with a Team so far i have adamant Infernape (sword dance, close combat, u-turn, flare blitz) and modest Togekiss (thunder wave, roost, Aura Sphere, air slash). Any advice on other pokemon I can use? This is for Pearl so no 5th gen pokemon lol... thanks.

Well, for starters, I'm afraid that when it comes to IV's, it mostly relies on luck, are they are decide when you first encounter a Pokemon. All you can really do is catch several of the target species, and do the math explained here=> to work out which one would be best to train...

As for your team... Well, I'd replace Togekiss' Thunder Wave with Shock Wave. That way, Infernape can have a little extra protection from water and flying types, it's to main weaknesses.

As most wi-fi battles are usually 3-on-3, I'm gonna assume that you want advice about a possible third.
I would recommend either a Psychic type with a Ghost or Dark move, to counter Infernape's weakness to Psychic, or a Ground type to counter Togekiss' weaknesses to Rock and Electric types. A Claydol would actually be perfect here, come to think of it...
There information provided here => is a little out of date, as it's for the 3rd Gen., but it's should be fairly easy update them with the newer moves that you prefer, or that match your own style of battling.

That's about all I've got for now, I;m afraid...

Hope I helped.


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