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hey LG, i know you've answered questions like this a lot buy i need help. i have a pokemon sapphire game for the GBA. that i lost for a couple weeks i found it recently and my save file is gone this is not my problem, my problem is that when i try to start a new game no matter where i am it will not save i have left it on over night trying to save but it never finishes saving, but the music keeps going like it's playing i'm wondering what's going on can i fix it without sending it to nintendo cause it's not really possible for me, any suggestions will be appreciated. also I'm not good at smoldering, just so you know. thanks in advance: john.

Hi John,

The third generation Pokémon games, including Sapphire, doesn't use a saving battery anymore to save the game. They now use flash memory to do this. Because the problem is electronical now, there can be a hundred and one causes of the problem. I also dind't find anything using Google. I think the best you can do is to buy a new (second-handed) one.

Good luck!
Have fun!



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